Style Icons - the Stranger Things Cast

Style Icons - the Stranger Things Cast

Style Icons - the Stranger Things Cast

It’s always good to see different things popping up in the fashion industry and sometimes that new style comes from the old days. Isn’t it strange how we love the fashion of the past; but a stranger thing to see how we keep bringing it back again and again?

When the Sci-Fi show gained tremendous popularity in such a short amount of time, the fashion style that the show followed, also gained popularity. It could be said that the show indeed brought back the 80’s aura. The fashion industry had a lot of interest in the show’s fashion style and they couldn’t find flaws in the way the cast was dressed up to represent the 80’s era.


Here are some scenes when we fell in love with the 80’s fashion of the show.

Eleven’s Snowball Dance Dress

We here have chosen this look over Eleven’s main look, all because we all know how instantly we fell in love the moment she entered the dance like this. A lot of us must have just sat there admiring the innocence of this look.


Even if such a sleeve style is no longer so much in fashion but we are so grateful to Stranger Things, for bringing back such perfect styles in fashion!

Even Kids can Get that 80’s Look


From their hair to everything else they are wearing, it all speaks of the 80’s. Since the main focus is also on the younger characters, we get a lot of tips about how to dress the kids up in an 80’s classic way.


Who Does Not Love Steve?


We all admit that we all wanted to kick Harrington in the face, for obvious reasons. Well, at least some of us did but as his character built, we gradually shifted our perspective and eventually, fell in love with this human too.


Even though, his choice of friends in the beginning was cringe-worthy but at least his fashion sense was not bad at all, not even a little bit.


When Nancy’s Unisex Jacket Swayed Us!


We gained a little extra respect for Nancy when she picked up a bat in order to protect the people she loved. The clothes she was wearing at that time, just had to become a ‘look’. This entire look now represents power and strength. So many fans are following this look in the name of girl power.