Style rules that every man should know part four

Style rules that every man should know

Style rules that every man should know part four

Style rule eight: Buy needs not unnecessary deals

So it is ninety percent off, are you going to purchase it? Guys, you should have a simple list of items that need to be in your core wardrobe, so when you are out there shopping and you spot something on that's on sale and it fits on that list, of course, go ahead and purchase it. But if it is not on your list, you want to say okay am I falling into a sales trap here? Yes, it is eighty percent off, yes, it is to buy one get ten free but I mean do I really need this? You want to avoid falling into the sales trap and only buy things that are on your core wardrobe list.

Style rule nine: Invest in your education

Guys, books are a great place to start. On youtube, you got so many resources today which is great. You have got Raphael over at Gentleman's Gazzette, you have got Aaron Marino over at Alpha M, Jose over at Teaching Men's Fashion, Brock over at Modest Man. These channels are perfect for style education. There are just so many different resources, tons of vlogs that you can go check out, tons of podcast that yes maybe aren't exactly style-related, but actually talk roundabout, about the accessories and the other details when it comes to style.

Style rule ten: Know the tools of your trade

If you want to be a well-dressed man you have got to know how to shine your own shoes. When it comes down to sewing on a button, an emergency sewing kit, carry this with you because when you are about to go into that interview, you are traveling and all of a sudden a button pops up, you have got to know how to fix it.