4 Essentials Every Man Must Put Side by Side with Him!

These are 4 everyday carry essentials that every man should have

4 Essentials Every Man Must Put Side by Side with Him!

Whenever you go out, the following are the essentials you must get with you. It is not a compulsion that you must carry only these essentials, rather you can add or minus anything if you want to as per your needs and preferences. Three essentials that I feel all of you must always be carrying with you are a smartphone, wallet, and your keys. But you know what? These are just so basics, there are other four essentials too which are a must to carry everywhere. I know you are craving to know, so why wait? See for yourself.

1.    Handkerchief

Though it seems so small thing, it is one of the most important essentials for a true gentleman. You need to understand that it is not a pocket square you carry as a burden but a white linen or cotton handkerchief you can put in your pants’ pockets. It can be helpful to dust off the dirt, for cleaning purpose, or at times when no napkin is available. The difference between a pocket square and napkin is that pockets squares are so decorative that no working purpose can be utilized from them, whereas handkerchief, though not to be seen, can work at sudden hard times.

2.    Briefcase or Messenger Bag

Formerly the gentlemen used to carry an attache case or a briefcase, but nowadays as modern men, they like to have a messenger bag. If you mostly wear a suit for an office, this messenger bag will make you dressier but must be in leather. Avoid using backpack it will show you more like a schoolboy than a gentleman.

3.    USB Charger

You never know what the situation is and what you need, it is better to be prepared. Take with you a USB charger to charge your phone or any other electronic devices whenever you want. You can easily find a portable charger, but smaller ones are good to choose.

4.    A Small Stain Remover

It is or the ones who stain their suits more often wherever they go, so if you are one of them, carrying a small stain remover might be the best idea. It protects you at bad moments to remove a stain from your ties. Of course, when you get back home, you need to do a proper cleaning but for a time, it saves you from embarrassment.