Guide on how to iron a shirt guide part 5

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Guide on how to iron a shirt guide part 5

Steps on how to iron a shirt, number 7: Finish the body

Face the buttons on the board and iron it from the back. That way you can go all the way one nice clean motion make sure there are no wrinkles. Now, flip the shirt so the buttons face up. If you have a solid shirt, you can quickly go into the areas in between the buttons.

How to iron a striped shirt:

If you have a striped shirt I suggest to simply tap down your iron lift it up and move to the next section tap down again and so forth. You should do this because otherwise, your lines will become wavy and it will show on the front of the shirt. Lay and pull the shirt flat. Most ironing boards are shaped slimmer at the end so you can lay the shirt down and pull it flat. Iron in the direction of the pattern. If it is a stripe, in a striped pattern, from the bottom to the top. Since the front of your shirt is the most visible part, make sure it looks extra clean and neat. Make sure the area around the armhole is neat as well as the area on top next to the collar. If you happen to iron the crease, flatten it out, spray some water on top of it, either with the iron or with your spray bottle and go over it again. If your shirt has a pocket, it can be tricky to iron, make sure you pull flat iron separately in short strokes.

When you finish ironing:

Simply pull the shirt off the board, put it in the hanger, and button the top button or sometimes the top two buttons if you have a big collar. You can just hang in your closet and your shirt is ready to go next time you need it.