This is a guide on how to iron a shirt guide part four.

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Guide on how to iron a shirt guide part 4

Steps on how to iron a shirt, number 5:

The key to success in ironing is not to use broad motions all over the place, but short controlled movements that have enough pressure. Ironing is also known as pressing and that is because you have to press down. You should have an iron with two pointed ends because if it has just one pointed end you have to always go in a direction with a point, otherwise, you will end up with wrinkles in the shirt. Once you are done with one sleeve, move on to the next cuff and sleeve. It does not matter which one you start with.

Steps on how to iron a shirt, number 6: Press the collar and the yoke

Flip up your collar and you remove any collar stays if that is possible, if they are sewn in, just leave them in there. Iron from one side to the middle, stop and go to the other side and iron again to the middle. Avoid ironing from the inside out or in one motion because it will create wrinkles. Because the collar has so many layers, you may have to go over it once more simply to get the right result. Once you are done with the underside of the collar, flip it open so you are now ironing the outside of the collar. If you have a collar with a sewn interlining, it can be a little more tricky. Try to pull the fabric so it stays flat especially along the stitched seams. Again, use short strokes and not bold long motions. Some people like to fold the collar back down and iron on top of it so it gets its natural shape. If you want a soft roll collar, especially on top or if you have removable collar stays, I suggest you skip that step. Once your collar is done, it is time for the yoke.