Guide on how to iron a shirt guide part 3

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Guide on how to iron a shirt guide part 3

Steps on how to iron a shirt, number 4: Start with pressing the cuffs and the sleeves

No matter if it is a barrel cuff or a French cuff, you should start ironing on the inside of the cuff. Once that is done, look on the outside and if there are still some wrinkles, iron it again. Always make sure to iron from the outside of the cuff in, otherwise, you will get little wrinkles by the stitching especially on shirts with a sewn interlining. It can be quite frustrating but practice pays off.

Steps on how to iron a shirt, number 5: Once you are done with the cuff, it is time to iron the sleeve

If you just have a regular ironing board, I suggest to lay down the sleeve flat because, at this stage, you are ironing two layers at the same time. If you do not do it right, you get wrinkles and it will take you much longer. It truly pays to have a system here. Start in a corner of the armpit and iron at middle parts and not on the top edge because that will leave a crease. Start in the backside and once you are done, flip it over to the front side and repeat the motion. Try to iron in the middle part and when you are done, you can add a crease on top. If you like a strong crease, you can now add the clapper which is a piece of wood that really helps to get a strong crease in it. If you do not like a strong crease, you can use a sleeve board. The big advantage of the sleeve board is that the results are much nicer, you will have fewer wrinkles and you have no crease all the way around.