Guide on how to iron a shirt guide part 2

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Guide on how to iron a shirt guide part 2

Steps on how to iron a shirt, number 1: Lay out all your equipment

At the minimum, you need the ironing board. If you are right-handed, the ironing board tip should face to the left. Then, check the label of your shirt and turn the iron to the proper temperature. Usually, there are settings based on material such as linen, cotton, polyester, or nylon blends. Cotton requires a relatively high temperature but if you have a polyblend shirt, make sure you lower the setting, otherwise, it will ruin your shirt.

Steps on how to iron a shirt, number 2: Make sure everything is clean

Look at the shirt to see if there are any recent stains because if you iron them now, the heat will set in the stain and it will be much harder to remove it, then if you take action right away. Also, make sure the ironing board cover is clean and there are no stains on the bottom of the ironing sole.

Steps on how to iron a shirt, number 3: Add water

You definitely want a steam iron and that requires water. I suggest you go with distilled water because it is not hard water but soft water being it has few minerals such as calcium and magnesium and that can cause your iron to clog up and you will get a grayish whitish substance onto your shirts that will also cause stains. If you live in an area where the water is soft and you can tell by looking for an example in your showerhead and if there is no residue you can also use it right in your iron. Make sure there is water in your spray bottle because the mist it produces is much finer and much better suited to ironing than the spray head that is usually built into an iron.