Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code part 1

Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code

Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code part 1

There are very few reasons to dress formally at a beach except for a wedding. So let’s assume you have traveled very far away, you got to your resort and you assume you can buy your attire there, that is not the case. Usually, you will find shorts and flip-flops not something that would be appropriate for a wedding. So plan ahead and bring the right stuff, because a business suit or regular tuxedo is simply over the top. You should also skip bold and any whimsical patterns because huge Hawaiian shirt style suit jacket or pants are simply not appropriate. Here are some items that you should invest in and that you will need if you are going to a beach wedding:

Beach wedding dress code tip, number 1: Casual closed-toed shoes

If you're often in warmer climates I suggest thinking about a perforated leather shoe because it's something that keeps you cooler and it is definitely more casual than a regular leather shoe. At the same time, it is still classically stylish. If you like it bolder, you may be able to pull off a spectator shoe but always keep in mind you never want to overshadow the bride and groom. If you want to invest in something that you can wear at home, go with a loafer, either a penny loafer maybe a tassel loafer in a light tan color, because it is versatile and you can just wear it at the beach or at a beach wedding but also to the office or casual Fridays.

Other colors and shoes that work well for the beach:

Tan or even buckskin shoes are good because, in the tropics or the beach wedding, it is an appropriate look.

Beach wedding dress code tip, number 2: Belt

You have to match the belt with your shoes. Make sure it picks up some colors in your outfit.