Guide on how to iron pants part 5

4 Essential Dress Pants for the Office

    Guide on how to iron pants part 5

How to iron pants, number 7:

Ironing the middle part of the pant leg on cotton trousers can be a little more tricky because cotton is more prone to wrinkling and it may stick to the ironing board. Make sure to pull everything nice and flat before you iron over it because if you do not, you will end up with a wrinkle and it is hard to remove them, especially on the pants.

How to iron pants, number 8:

Make sure to press longer on the pants, to release steam. If you are done ironing and you see a little wrinkle that you do not want, you can go over it again. However if the crease is just in a small area, try to use your sleeve board to get to it so you can just iron one layer and two, otherwise you may end up with ironing out one wrinkle and getting another one on the other side, and you go back and forth, it takes you much longer and it is a lot more frustrating. The sleeve board comes in handy and it is not just useful for sleeves but for many other things when it comes to ironing. Try not to sweep back and forth in fast motions. Have short motions, controlled motions and always go in the direction of the point of your iron.

How to iron pants, number 9:

Steam is essential in ironing to remove wrinkles. The problem with trousers is you have a lot of layers so if you just have a regular ironing board, do not over steam because otherwise, you will get ripples and wavy areas on the other side of the pants that you just ironed. You do not have to worry about that if you have a vacuum board because it sucks away all the moist air.