Guide on how to iron pants part 4

4 Essential Dress Pants for the Office

   Guide on how to iron pants part 4

How to iron pants, number 5:

Cotton is much more prone to wrinkling than wool and because of that, it is harder to iron especially as a pair of pants. It is more difficult to iron a dry pair of cotton pants instead of a wet one. You do not want it to be too wet and if you have a dry pair of pants, spray it with water put it in a plastic bag for 10-15 minutes and then iron. It will make life much easier for you. So what do you should do if let's say your chinos do not have pleats but you want them is to, first of all, keep in mind there must be enough fabric because pleats use up more fabric than flat front pants. If there is enough fabric I suggest you fold the pants based on the hem. You can line up the inside side seams of the pant legs with one another on each pant leg and that gives you a very good idea of where the crease has to be because you want to in the middle of the front kneecap. The steps are the same. First, lay out your pants, fold up one pant leg so just have one in front of you and start ironing the front crease. Again it can be a little more tricky because cotton has more wrinkles and you have to lie it really flat. If your pants have cuffs press them and get the pleat in there too. Again, use the clapper because it will make your life much easier.

How to iron pants, number 6:

You should use a tailor’s ham and sleeve board because it makes it easier to iron around the rise. If you encounter a wrinkle,  either spray the fabric directly or spread a damp cloth and then go through with your iron.