Guide on how to iron pants part 3

4 Essential Dress Pants for the Office

     Guide on how to iron pants part 3

How to iron pants, number 3:

Once you are done with the top part of the pants it's time for the legs. First of all, lay down the pants with the hems facing your iron. Try to find the existing crease and iron over it again. Also, make sure the bottom layer of the pant leg is laid flat as possible. You may have to wiggle it around a little bit to find the perfect crease so it is exactly where it was before. Now inside at the bottom, a vacuum table really helps to get the better crease and to iron your pants much faster. Again in order to get that perfect crispness, you want the clapper. Once you are done with the front pleat of the pant leg, iron that little part of the pants very carefully because you do not want to create any wrinkles on the outside or the backside of the pant leg.

How to iron pants, number 4:

Once everything is flat you can look at the back crease. That is a little more difficult because there is no pleat on top. Again you should use same steps- iron and press then clap, iron and press then clap. Then, unroll the tip layer and flip the pants around and repeat the procedure. First iron the front pleat of the other pant leg depending on where it is sewn, inward or outward. You can sometimes start in a different way so you can easily get that crease started well. Getting that crease right is probably the most difficult thing but once you have a clapper, you can get a really crisp and by moving fabric around and using your hand to assist, you will always get the exact same line.