Guide on how to iron pants part 1

4 Essential Dress Pants for the Office

Guide on how to iron pants part 1

How to iron pants, number 1:

It all starts with the prep work. Of course, you need an ironing table and iron. On top of that, I suggest investing in a sleeve board with a wider end and a slimmer and a spray bottle, a cloth as well as a clapper which is a wooden block. In addition to that, you can add a tailor's ham which looks like a cushion but is actually filled with sawdust. It's very stiff it helps to get the round areas in the garment ironed perfectly. While the damp cloth protects your wool pants from getting shiny, you can also invest in a Teflon under the sole and that way you do not have to use the cloth and it is much easier to iron that way because you can be more accurate because you can always see what is going on.

How to iron pants, number 2:

When it comes to pants, wool is much more wrinkle resistant than cotton. A vacuum ironing board can really help to get better results more easily because it sucks out all the moist air. For best pants ironing results, you want to iron as few layers as possible simply because when you iron steam is trapped at a bottom layer which creates wrinkles there. It is kind of a never-ending cycle ironing on the one side and getting wrinkles on the other. With just ironing board use the waist of your pants and pull it over the board that way you have a roughly flat surface and it is easy to do the detail work. You have to constantly stretch pants with your left hand when you iron it with your right because that way you will not get little waves. If you want to make it easier on yourself and get better results, use a sleeve board because that helps to drape things around.