Hacks for skinny guys to look good part two

Hacks for skinny guys to look good part two

Hacks for skinny guys to look good part two

Here are some hacks that you can do all the time to look bigger, but these hacks are an only temporary solution, your ultimate goal should be gaining weight and packing muscles because that will make you look good in all types of clothes:

Hacks for skinny guys, number 5: Wear clothes that build up your shoulders

When you wear the right pieces of clothing you can structure your body exactly like you want it to look like. If you are skinny you probably lack shoulder definition so to avoid looking bony and skinny wear crewneck sweaters and biker jackets, suit jackets or denim jackets, so that you can fill that "gaps" in. These jackets have extra padding in the shoulders, it builds it up and gives you a dominant appearance.

Hacks for skinny guys, number 6: You can wear shorts under your jeans

When you are too skinny like seriously skinny and without muscles, it can be hard to find jeans that fit. So even when you buy skinny or slim fit jeans it looks like you are wearing a classic cut and it looks like you are swimming in it. Because you do not have any thigh muscle your jeans look like they are about to fall out, so an easy way to create an illusion of volume is that you can wear basketball shorts underneath jeans. This is something like a layering tip, it is pretty similar.

Hacks for skinny guys, number 7: Wear thick shoes

Chunky trainers are really stylish and in right now, so lucky you, and since your shoes are basically the anchor of your outfit a chunky shoe will just make you look heavy and add some heft to your overall visual appearance. You have options when it comes to chunky shoes, you can even choose dressier ones.