Duffel coat guide part 5

Duffel coat guide

Duffel coat guide part 5

Duffel coat length:

Originally, the months or duffel coats were quite long because they were supposed to keep you warm on a ship in a rough sea. Today, most coats are about knee length and you can also find some that are shorter. The knee length is nice because it is about the right height, it is not too long, it does not make you look like Columbo, at the same time it does not make you freeze because it is not too short.

Where and how you should buy a duffel coat:

I think there is a brand out there called Monty and it sells the original Montgomery, priced around $300. I do not think it is of the highest quality, but I think Gloverall offers some but they are all so different. Their material composition is usually polyamide 20%, and wool 80%. I personally love to find 100% wool duffel coat which is very difficult. In terms of brands, you can find them from Brooks Brothers or places like Lodenfrey in Germany. Also, a good duffel coat is Ladage and Oelke in Hamburg. Alternatively, Gloverall has some, and even other brands have them. If you invest in a duffel coat, make sure it is heavy and has the features that were mentioned in this guide. Sometimes, you can also find fashionable duffel coats in different styles.

An idea for an outfit with a duffel coat:

You can combine light brown duffel coat that has leather closures with horn toggles with a heavy sweater with blue and light blue accent colors. Then, you can add striped red and white shirt and a brown and blue mottled necktie. You can also wear contrasting brown pants and also add contrast by wearing boots that are double soled thick in cognac tan color.