Semi Formal For Weddings

Semi Formal For Weddings

Semi Formal For Weddings

Most people like to have their wedding around this time because of the nice weather. This gives the guests some control over their dressing. Semi formal dress code is getting more and more common and is currently one of the most recent trends in weddings, especially during this time of the year.

Semi formal is a difficult dress code to pull off, but worry no more as we have brought to you a step by step guide so that you are not left behind and look just right for the wedding dress code.


Semi formal dress code is very popular these days for weddings. Also, if there is no specific code fixed to follow in the event, your best option is to go semi formal. Semi formal is not casual, but it is far more relaxed than black tie dress code. Make sure to style yourself in a way that you don't look like you're heading to your office or a court hearing. This is a common mistake among men.


For a semi formal look, a dark suit is the base. It is up to you whether to go for a two piece suit or a three piece suit. The colors you can wear are charcoal, navy, black and gray. They look amazing, especially in winters. If the event is in the day or during summer, go for a lighter suit as they give you a very lively appearance in the day. Do not ditch your tie and socks, though.


As long as shirts are concerned, go for neutral solid colors, like white, black, blue, gray, with pinstripe or lean windowpane check pattern or demure jacquard.

It is only better for you if your shirt is crisp, clean and nicely pressed. Make sure your collars are sharp and not floppy.


For a decent pair of footwear, your ultimate choice should be Oxfords, and for a bit bolder choice you can go with strap shoes in black or brown shades. Also, make sure that your shoes are clean and polished well.


As we mentioned before, semi formal should not be confused with office styling. So, for accessories, go with a more creative touch like across socks, pocket squares and ties.

You can also go with contrast materials instead of patterned or colored shoes and tie, like knitted tie, suede monk etc.

If you follow these basics of semi formal dress code, we are sure you would make a statement without taking away the spotlight from the bride and groom.