Duffel coat guide part 4

Duffel coat guide

Duffel coat guide part 4

How to wear and combine a duffel coat, number 2:

If you want the original roomy cut, go for it. Because it is more casual in nature, you do not need to wear it with a tweed coat but it looks nice with just a sweater. Of course, a cardigan would work as well. It actually pairs really well with denim jeans, with corduroy, with chinos, maybe even woolen slacks, flannel slacks or any other pants that you could think of.

How to wear and combine a duffel coat, number 3:

Rather than with a fine double-breasted suit, you should go with rough knitwear. It is just more beautiful and suits the character of the duffel coat better, because of that, you should wear full brogue shoes, maybe boots, or desert boots. Oxfords are maybe not the best choice, Derby’s or bluchers are better.

Different Duffel coat colors:

The classic ones are the camel and khaki shades, or maybe some shades of brown. They are easy to combine with all kinds of camel colors for winter colors such as green, maybe dark Burgundy, and if that is your style, it is the ideal color. Personally, I would stay clear of black duffel coats simply because black is one of the most overrated colors in menswear. Alternatively, if you want you can go with a charcoal gray which just suits it much better. If you are interested in a navy duffel coat which looks just fine, take a closer look at a pea coat simply because it is very similar and Navy is its original color. If you are into preppy style, look into red duffel coats, maybe yellow or bolder greens. It is a really great statement piece and it works well, it is traditional without being overboard.