The Classic History Of Loafers

The Classic History Of Loafers

The Classic History Of Loafers

Believe it or not, loafers are one of the clothing articles that have been around for a while now and by that I mean almost 80 years! No one could have guessed their age as they are one of those things that are timeless and keep getting in and out of the fashion scene and still manage to remain trendy. Loafers never looked irrelevant and always remained trendy because they kept changing with the changing times and fashion, and all these variations made it appealing to every youth.

We are not saying that loafers of the 1930s are completely different from the ones we see today. The essence has remained same though; it has gotten several updates over the time obviously. Loafers come in different types, and being staple footwear for men, we believe that you may have one or maybe two types of them in your closet somewhere.

You may have worn them many times but this brief history may change your perspective. Let’s have a look at some of the commonly found loafers and a little peak at their history.

First up in our list is the penny loafer. This is one of the classics and, as the name suggests, it has a diamond shaped empty slot with a leather strap across it. There are many myths related to the empty slot, one being that the coin was seen as a fashion statement by American prep school students in the 1950s, and another popular one is that people used it to carry coins for some emergency phone calls etc. Nevertheless, this classic has been one of the favorites.

Next are the famous tassel loafers that became a hit after The Alden Shoe Company launched it. It has a pretty interesting story behind it. People say that one of the Hungarian-American actors was seen wearing Oxfords with a tassel at the end of its laces so The Alden Shoe Company was asked to make something like that, so they came up with these.

This style of loafers was introduced in 1968 and thanks to Gucci for this hit pair, the snaffle loafers. It had a golden brass strap in the shape of horse’s snaffle in the front. Gucci also owes it to the people for introducing brown color in loafers and making it appropriate for formals.

For many people, clothes and other such articles, like footwear and accessories, hold a sentimental value and by knowing the history of something they may feel connected to it. We hope this article proved to be interesting for you!