Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code part 3

Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code

Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code part 3

You want the bride and the groom to be the center of that day. Avoid bringing short-sleeved shirts because either go a little more casual and have a polo shirt with short sleeves or you take a long-sleeve shirt and if it is quite warm you can simply roll up your shirt sleeves. Likewise, it is a beach wedding so you should not bring any kind of formal accessories such as black shoes or black belts. It provides too much of a contrast to your lighter colored pants and it is overall out of place. Some people like to wear suspenders and if you do too, I suggest to work at least a vest or a jacket, because if you just have it on top of a shirt it looks weird.

Beach wedding dress code tip, number 5: Accessories

It is okay to go without neckwear because it is warm. However, it is a wedding after all and you want to put your best foot forward. You can wear a knit tie because it has an open weave or maybe a bow tie because it is lighter in weight. You can also have bolder colors or summery colors and you can look for fabrics like shantung silk which is more casual than a traditional wedding tie or an office tie. Even if you decide against neckwear I suggest going with pocket square because it quickly elevates your outfit in just very simple steps.

To complete the beach style outfit:

A little boutonniere in your buttonhole can be a nice addition. However, sometimes that is reserved just for the beach wedding party so it is better to skip boutonniere and normally go with a pocket square. Do not choose peak lapels and a jetted pocket because they are not stylish.