Skinny Men’s Guide To Fashion

Skinny Men’s Guide To Fashion

Skinny Men’s Guide To Fashion

From all the “hows” and “whys” to the unasked for advices and comments, skinny men face a number of challenges every day. One of the most irritating things a skinny man has to face is trying to dress and look good in their outfit every day. There are a number of guides out there for men with bigger bodies, but not so many for our slender friends.

While we can’t help you get a bigger body, we can do one thing: share a few simple tips and tricks with you that you can use while styling yourself.


Choose The Right Fit

While you’re buying your clothes, you should go for a cut that makes you look a little wider. Tightly fitted clothes are uncomfortable and draw people’s attention to your skinny figure. You certainly don’t want that and make it even more troublesome for yourself. But don’t wear clothes double your size either. Find the right fit between the two.

Go For Patterns

Well-patterned clothes make your look busy and filled-up. Go for checked patterns like windowpanes, shepherds and Prince of Wales. Even floral pattern is an excellent choice. That being said, we don’t recommend you to go over the board with patterns and put yourself into another difficult situation.

Stay Away From Stripes

Yes, patterns are good for you. However, stripes have the ability to make one look taller and leaner. They are good for men who are short, heavy or both, but if you’re none of these, stay away from this pattern.


Layering doesn’t necessarily have to be in the cold. Opened shirts over t-shirts, scarves under jackets and thin cardigans over shirts are a few tricks you can use for layering in other seasons. Layering adds weight to a slender frame, and the best part is that you can have fun combining different textures and colors. Make sure you don’t add too many layers. You don’t want to look like a man struggling to breathe while drowning in your own sweat. One or two layers are enough.

Padded And Structured Suits

If you’re wearing a suit, make sure it’s padded and structured enough to make you look a bit heavier and give you an appropriate shape. We recommend English suits to you; they can give you all the padding, structure and shape. That said, don’t go for too much padding. It will make you look outdated.