Ryan Gosling's Best On-Screen Looks

Ryan Gosling's Best On-Screen Looks

Ryan Gosling's Best On-Screen Looks

The two Ryans of Hollywood—Reynolds and Gosling—are at the peak of their careers right now. Today, we are here to discuss the latter. From his big breakthrough in The Notebook (2004) to the Oscar-winning Blade Runner 2049, Ryan Gosling has come a long way. However, our main interest is not his success; it is his on-screen looks. Those who follow the star know that he has an impressive sense of fashion. Looking comfortable in any attire, from a suit to a pair of jeans and t-shirt, Gosling has proved that he can dress well easily for any occasion. He looks amazing whether he is at an award ceremony or outdoors. Much like him, the characters that Gosling plays have an outstanding style and fashion. Here are some of his best on-screen looks.


The second installment of the Blade Runner franchise, Blade Runner 2049, is one of Ryan Gosling's latest movies. Also, this is Gosling's first and only science-fiction film, so his outfit in this movie is significantly different from the rest of his on-screen outfits. In Blade Runner 2049, Gosling plays a new blade runner, Officer K, for the Los Angeles Police Department. He dons a shearling collar coat along with a knitted jumper. He pairs them with dark pants and completes his look with tactical boots. This outfit gives him the desired look of a cop from a dark and dystopian future.


In the Oscar nominated movie with a star studded cast, The Big Short, Gosling wore a traditional suit with a banker shirt. You can adopt this look for your office and business meetings. Wear a gray checked suit, a blue shirt with stripes and a conventionally patterned tie.


In the highly underrated action movie Drive, Gosling plays a very silent and skilled Hollywood stuntman who secretly works as a getaway driver for powerful criminals. Despite being set in present time, the movie had a retro touch to it. The film's music and costume design are evident to this. Ryan Gosling wore a white satin bomber jacket that had a yellow scorpion on its back. Groovy!


Ryan Gosling played a handsome playboy, Jacob Palmer, in his most famous romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love. Even if you're a man who doesn't like rom-coms, you must watch Crazy Stupid Love as it can prove to be very sartorially inspiring for you. This movie let Ryan shine in suave suits that can teach you a lot about pulling them off.