White Sneakers Rocking the Fashion Scene Again

White Sneakers Rocking the Fashion Scene Again

White Sneakers Rocking the Fashion Scene Again

We have good news for all of you sneaker lovers. Once, these were only suited for the gym, but now they are hitting the runway and street style.

White sneakers have become the biggest deal this summer as we see them all over the runways, dominating the fashion scene. Celebrities have been sporting it a lot recently on red carpets and street fashion.

These white sneakers are clean, sleek and versatile. Whether it is a high cut or low cut, this premium leather and cool canvas is set for any style even with little details. We have collected for you a few different looks through which you can rock these white sneakers.

The Preppy Look

Put on the white sneakers with khaki trousers which we suggest to be cropped as it is in style these days, and pair it up with a pastel shirt to show the preppy side of your look. If not that then you should try it with a white or navy striped shirt. We recommend some brands that have low cut canvas style white sneakers.

Summer Casuals

If you are looking for a casual and relaxed summer look, you should wear a pair of low cut white sneakers that is lean and slim in its looks with shorts. We know you might be thinking it to be more of a gym outfit then a casual summer one, but believe us and try this stylish look.

Wear your white low cut sneakers without any socks and if you are wearing chino shorts along with casual blazers then consider wearing leather ones because canvas may not give a sharp look.

Monochrome Outfits

If you are deciding to wear a monochrome outfit like an all-black attire during the day time, you may want to consider toning the darkness down a bit by wearing white sneakers.

High Fashion Cool

If you are going for a cooler vibe, you should pair your white sneakers with jogger pants and throw on a really sophisticated looking hoodie. The key point of fashion here is the cuff ankles of the jogger pants that give it a relaxed and cool vibe.

One thing you should be careful about is the bright and clean white color of your sneakers. It should be intact as a dirty pair may kill the elegant fashion vibe from your overall look.