How to iron suit or a blazer part 3

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          How to iron suit or a blazer part 3

Tips on how to iron a suit or a blazer, number 5:

A quality handmade jacket is always identifiable by the lapel roll, cheap suits or some that were pressed cheaply have very flat pressed lapel area and you should avoid that at all cost because it makes it look cheap and you do not want that. To increase the lapel roll you can even iron the lapel in the beginning part from the back which really helps to achieve this beautifully bespoke style roll. Do not iron over the lapel line and that is folded because otherwise, it is stiff and flat. Once you are done with that you could iron the back area of the jacket that is easy even on a regular iron board with a regular iron. Pay attention to the seams which are the center seam and try to not press hard on them but slightly on the side that way you will not see the pattern of the seams on the outside of the fabric. That is especially important with thinner or flimsy fabrics. The same is true when ironing, for example, the corners of your back vents. If you want a crisp result, you can use a clapper to get a nice crease.

Tips on how to iron a suit or a blazer, number 6:

Next thing to do, is to iron sleeves and that is when a sleeve board comes in really handy. Rather than ironing two layers of fabric at the same time, you should have one layer of fabric but a sleeve is usually never just straight. It always has a slight curve and you want to maintain the curve by ironing in that same fashion, it is a little challenge but you can do it by following the patterns on the jacket sleeve. If there is no pattern simply take that motion in a slight banana curve.