Five Must-Have Accessories Every Man Should Own

Five Must-Have Accessories Every Man Should Own

Five Must-Have Accessories Every Man Should Own

It does not matter if they are functional or not, men's suits are incomplete without being finished by some exquisite accessories. With so many options today, it can be extremely confusing to choose a set of accessories for your outfit. However, you don’t need a variety of accessories to look perfect. Here are some must-have accessories to wear with your suit:



Ties are one of the most important accessories in a men’s suit. They give you an element of sophistication and elegance which you need at a formal occasion. Your tie should complement your outfit and not stand out so much that it becomes distracting. For an office look, go for a tie with a traditional pattern like stripes and micro grid. However, a tie with bright colors is more appropriate for other formal occasions.

Lapel Pins

Despite being so small in size, lapel pins embellish your outfits significantly. They are widely worn with monochromatic suits to provide a sharp contrast and detail to them. When it comes to lapel pins, the options are endless. There are various types of lapel pins out there, but the most famous kind of lapel pins are the floral ones that give you a vibrant and lively look.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are worn to give your look some color and personality. They are associated with ties as both of them are often matched to give the outfit a decent appearance. However, it is not necessary that your tie and pocket square always match. In any color, they should complement each other and not clash. The best and most common ways to sport a pocket square is to match it with your tie or simply wearing a neutral one.

Wrist Watches

Wrist watches are highly important if you want to look classy in a suit. Due to the ever increasing usage of cell phones, wrist watches are not used by people to tell time anymore; however, they are worn only to give you a stylish look. An advice while choosing a watch to wear with a suit: choose a simple one. A big, gaudy watch would steal all the attention from you and your suit, and we certainly don’t want that to happen with you. Go for watches with a blue, gray or black face as they highlight the colors of your attire.

Tie Clips

Tie clips are probably the most functional accessory in a man’s suit. They work to keep your tie in place, preventing them from being blown over your shoulder by the wind. They also keep your tie neat and free of wrinkles. With the right tie clip, all your accessories are brought together, giving you a clean and put-together look. The most commonly used colors for tie clips are silver and gold, but you can use other colors as long as they go well with the rest of the outfit.