How to iron suit or a blazer part 1

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How to iron suit or a blazer part 1

Many people are hesitant to press a jacket, and even a tailor can sometimes take 30 to 45 minutes to completely and accurately press a jacket. Unfortunately, the tailor’s tools are very expensive, but these are ways how you can press a jacket at home with a very minimal investment in equipment:

Tips on how to iron a suit or a blazer, number 1:

The easiest way to remove wrinkles from a jacket especially that is made out of wool is with the steam. The least expensive way is to hang your jacket on a hanger with wide shoulder pads because it keeps the shape of the shoulder and then simply hang it in your bathroom, turn on the hot water, let it sit in there so you create a lot of steam. Let the jacket hang there overnight in the morning at least the most extreme wrinkles should have come out. An even better and faster alternative to the bathroom steam is to invest in a steamer. Usually, about 100 dollars will get you a long way and you will end up with something that produces a lot of steam and you could just steam your jacket when it hangs on a hanger. It has the advantage that you can de-wrinkle specific areas such as the sleeve head, a sleeve, or the back and honestly, it works really well.

Tips on how to iron a suit or a blazer, number 2:

If you have a linen jacket you can skip the separating cloth because it can bear a lot of heat, you just crank up the temperature all the way and go to the maximum steam setting. The more steam, the better. If you just have a regular ironing board and an iron you are quite limited in what you can do when it comes to pressing is limited.