Breaking Down The Blazer Fashion For You

Breaking Down The Blazer Fashion For You

Breaking Down The Blazer Fashion For You

Every man should have a blazer in his wardrobe as it is one of the most versatile jackets you can own. Blazers are neither too formal not too casual. However, the perks don’t end there. With blazers, you have lots of choices. For instance, in the case of ties, you can wear paisley, checked, solid or striped ties with a blazer. Forget regular ties; you can even wear a bow tie with a blazer. Although a blazer can be hard to pull off, you’ll be able to do it easily with these basics.


First of all, learn to prioritize quality. Buy only one blazer, but buy a high quality one. Cheap blazers will never give you the look you desire. However, investing in a well-fitting, good quality blazer will make you look much better and prove your investment worthwhile.

Wearing a well-tailored blazer—especially when you wear complementing trousers and shoes with it—makes you look way better than a man with no blazer who lacks the class that your blazer gives you. Wearing a tailored blazer gives you a better figure because of its style and cut. That’s what makes you look standout.

Blazers can be classified in many ways; however, in order to make it simple for you, we have divided them into two types: unstructured and structured.

Unstructured blazers are looser and hold less shape so that the wearer can feel comfortable. However, the cut is sharp on the shoulders to provide a more natural shape. These blazers are designed have little to no padding, lining and inner working which makes them give the wearer a relaxed fit. Extra detailing is often done to make them more casual.

Structured blazers have a very sharp cut overall to give the wearer a perfect shape. Apart from the fitting, they contain a lot of padding, lining and inner working which also help to get the best shape.


The choices are endless with blazers. However, in our humble opinion, the best one is an unstructured navy blue double-vented blazer with two buttons, a patched pocket and notched lapels. This blazer is appropriate for various kinds of formal and casual occasions. With this blazer, all you need is a checked shirt and a tie that contrasts it. Moreover, to add some class in your look, wear a pocket square that complements your blazer, tie and shirt. Never forget: a blazer is not a suit jacket. A suit jacket or coat is worn with matching pants, but that is not the case with blazers. A blazer will never look good with matching trousers. So, with your navy blue blazer, wear gray or khaki colored trousers.

Feel free to experiment while following the rules and you’ll be able to find more combinations in no time.