Business casual outfit ideas for men part 4

Outfit Ideas For A Man With A Beard

Business casual outfit ideas for men part 4

Business casual outfit idea, number 4: Tweed jackets

They are very versatile, they have lots of colors in their fabrics, they are warm, at the same time they are thicker and because of that, they are very wrinkle resistant. You can sit on a jacket and just throw it at a corner, pick it back up, put it on, and it will not show wrinkles at all. Try that with your other suits and you will see the difference. When it comes to business casual, tweed really fits right in because it makes the jacket style more casual and ties it together with more informal pants. A really great tweed color for the office is gray. You should go with a medium gray because it is still considered formal enough and you can choose between many different styles. There can be a gray Donegal, one which has undertones of blue with colored specks and those colorful dots really soften things up, at the same time, you can wear it with a pair of denim jeans, with corduroys, also wear it with chinos. In terms of accessories, you can go with more texture such as knit ties or maybe shantung ties or grenadine ties because it harmonizes well and balances out the whole look.

Business casual outfit idea, number 5: Vests

Vests are part of a suit but in a more casual environment, a three-piece suit is not an option. When it is colder in the winter, however, you can wear a vest that is contrasting underneath your jacket and can look really nice. Personally, I like a burgundy vest and bottle green velvet vests and all kinds of other colors including blue tweed for the office. Also, a blue tweed vest comes in really handy.