Tom Ford And His Personal Style

Tom Ford And His Personal Style

Tom Ford And His Personal Style

Tom Ford is a true sartorialist, and we don't expect any less from one of the most successful fashion designers ever. Being a fashion designer, film producer, screenwriter and film director, Tom Ford is probably one of the busiest celebrities out there, yet his look is always top-notch. Not only is Ford a great designer, but he is also an exceptionally talented filmmaker. So far, he has directed two movies: A Single Man and Nocturnal Animals, and both of them were nominated in the Oscars.

Tom Ford's journey to becoming a fashion designer began when he started working as an intern in Chloe's press office. He catapulted to fame when he started working as a Creative Designer in Gucci and saved it from bankruptcy. He has worked for Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) as a Creative Designer as well. In 2006, he launched his own fashion brand and named it after himself. His success has been unstoppable since then. Ford has dressed Hollywood's biggest stars – Bradley CooperRyan Gosling, Colin Firth and Brad Pitt, declaring that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion.

Being a sartorialist, Ford is rarely seen in casual; he is wearing a blazer or a complete suit most of the time. That is exactly why he looks so comfortable in formalwear. Here are some pictures of Tom Ford at public gatherings, showcasing his incredible sense of style.


When it comes to formalwear, Tom Ford's first choice is a dark suit with a white cotton shirt. It would not be wrong to call it Ford's signature style. He prefers a single-breasted suit with peak lapels and embellishes his look with a white pocket square. To tone down the formality a little, he ditches the tie, leaving a couple top buttons of the shirt undone.
Ford does not like to mess much with the cut of his suit. He prefers a traditional cut that gives him a fitted waist and makes his shoulders look strong and his legs long.


For a fancier look, Ford goes for a velvet tuxedo that helps him outshine the rest of the men. We have seen him in black, velvet, burgundy and red tuxedos so far. Bold color choices, Mr. Ford!


Ford takes accessorizing very seriously. When going tieless, he usually sports a dark silk scarf. The man loves sunglasses: he is often seen wearing orange or black aviators, mostly orange. Being a Cary Grant fan, Ford also wears small and simple gold bracelets with his watch, just like Grant.

Now that we've made it simple, go dress fabulously like Tom Ford!