Business casual outfit ideas for men part 3

Outfit Ideas For A Man With A Beard

Business casual outfit ideas for men part 3

Coming up with different business casual outfits can be more difficult than it seems. Because of that, here are some specific outfits that you can work with because you maybe have those staples in your wardrobe ready and by adding certain accessories or certain other elements, you can just create something that is very elegant, at the same time, always stylish, and professional.

What pants to wear during warmer seasons, number 2:

If you like seersucker, maybe avoid the basic color of blue and white and maybe go for something in beige and white. It will really look very different, at the same time, it has the same benefits as seersucker which is that it is very lightweight, it does not wrinkle a lot which is always welcome at the office, and at the same time, it is made for hot weather so you can be stylish without overheating.

Business casual outfit idea, number 3: Gray and brown combination

Usually, black was the color for going into the city and brown was the color for going to the country. Both of these were rarely mixed, even darker suits such as a gray flannel was rarely mixed with brown, however, but both of those colors can really be combined quite well if it is done so tastefully. So, if you have a darker gray, go with a darker shade of brown. Let’s say you have a gray flannel suit, combine it with a brown grenadine tie and maybe brown loafers. Rather than going with a light tan, maybe go with a chocolate brown. You could also go with monk straps, for example, or anything else you like but picking up both of those colors gives your outfit a warmer appearance, at the same time, it is still formal enough for most office environments.