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  • Fashion Tips We Can Get from Korean Serials

    Fashion Tips We Can Get from Korean Serials

    As new korean dramas come out, the fans eagerly wait to see their favorite actors or to find out about the storyline but there are some of us who eagerly wait to see the new fashion tips that we could pick up.

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  • How to correctly Hem trousers

    How a dress shoe should fit part 1

    In recent years, buying shoes online has become very popular. Humans are an asymmetrical bunch. The left side is never like the right one. The solution to that problem would be that every man out there gets a pair of bespoke shoes. The problem with that it is expensive and is it costs about $2,000 for one pair, and it is simply not something the majority of men out there can afford. That is where off the rack shoes come into play. They are nicely finished on an elegant last with high-quality leather, hand polished and burnished, at just a fraction of what a bespoke shoe would cost you.

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  • Style Icons - the Stranger Things Cast

    Style Icons - the Stranger Things Cast

    It’s always good to see different things popping up in the fashion industry and sometimes that new style comes from the old days. Isn’t it strange how we love the fashion of the past; but a stranger thing to see how we keep bringing it back again and again?

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  • How to look like rich without robbing a bank

    How to look like rich without robbing a bank part three

    Looking rich tip number four: Immaculate grooming

    Immaculate personal grooming and let's start with your hands. Are your nails clean? Are they cut well? Are you biting your nails? If you have got that issue, guys then you have to immaculate it very fast. And your hands, are they washed? Are they clean? Guys, these things are important especially when you are putting your hands out there for a handshake with that person that is potentially going to give you a job or loan you money.

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  • These are 4 everyday carry essentials that every man should have

    4 Essentials Every Man Must Put Side by Side with Him!

    Whenever you go out, the following are the essentials you must get with you. It is not a compulsion that you must carry only these essentials, rather you can add or minus anything if you want to as per your needs and preferences. Three essentials that I feel all of you must always be carrying with you are a smartphone, wallet, and your keys. But you know what? These are just so basics, there are other four essentials too which are a must to carry everywhere. I know you are craving to know, so why wait? See for yourself.

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  • Style rules that every man should know

    Style rules that every man should know part four

    Style rule eight: Buy needs not unnecessary deals

    So it is ninety percent off, are you going to purchase it? Guys, you should have a simple list of items that need to be in your core wardrobe, so when you are out there shopping and you spot something on that's on sale and it fits on that list, of course, go ahead and purchase it. But if it is not on your list, you want to say okay am I falling into a sales trap here? Yes, it is eighty percent off, yes, it is to buy one get ten free but I mean do I really need this? You want to avoid falling into the sales trap and only buy things that are on your core wardrobe list.

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  • Men's Bathroom Essentials EVERY Guy Needs

    I have been shaving for last 8 years (started doing it when I was 15 and had just hit puberty)

    During this time, I have learned an important thing:

    Doing shave without a quality shaving cream is just like driving a car on kerosene oil. The shave will not happen properly and you have chances of getting a skin burn.

    That’s why it’s very important to invest some bucks in quality shaving creates and we’ve tried to help you out by bringing this list of:

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  • What to wear to the office and wardrobe staples every man needs

    What to wear to the office and wardrobe staples every man needs part 3

    There are more men interested in classic men’s clothing and dressing up today than they were 10-15 years ago. What you are going to wear to work depends on your workplace and the culture there. Sometimes your manager or superior can feel threatened if you outdress them so that is one aspect to keep in mind. You do not want to offend people and hurt your chances of climbing the ladders simply because they feel threatened by the way you dress. If that happens in your workplace, it is probably time to change jobs anyway because that is not the kind of culture that you will likely thrive in, especially not if you like to dress up.

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  • Colognes that guarantee compiments

    In chilly summer weather when you smell like a skunk after an intense workout, deodorant acts as a savior.

    Buy the right deodorant and there’s no need to worry about smelling bad.

    However, the problem is:

    It’s not easy to find one.

    But I really wanted to help you out. Hence, I did some research and came up with this collection of:

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  • How to rock a graphic t-shirt, 4 rules every man must know

    How to rock a graphic t-shirt, 4 rules every man must know

    Today, I am going to give you a few tips about a menswear staple that we all have, we all love, but we all are a little on the fence about when to wear them. Not all graphic t-shirts are created equal, some are created supper offensive, some are a little bit childish and some are super cool. Here are some rules that will help you to look good in graphic t-shirts:

    Graphic t-shirt rules, number 1: Make sure that the fit is right

    It is the same thing like with your other t-shirts. You want to make sure that it is snug in all the right places but not too tight. It should be snug around the chest area, on the shoulders, through the arms, but a little bit looser in the body, but not too loose, because you want to make sure that it is fitted, tailored and not super big.

    Graphic t-shirt rules, number 2: Never tuck in a graphic t-shirt

    You can do this only in certain situations but sometimes you can tuck in only the front part of the t-shirt, but do not tuck it all the way around the body.

    Graphic t-shirt rules, number 3: Do not dress it up

    There is no such thing as dressing up a graphic t-shirt. They are casual and they are meant to be worn to show the world that you like the more casual style and outfits.

    Graphic t-shirt rules, number 4: It looks good with jeans and chino pants

    It will look good if you pair it with lightweight cotton pants, but it is also good for wearing with cool casual fashion sneakers, and it looks good with denim jeans and a denim jacket. Also, you can pair it with a lightweight bomber jacket.

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