Business casual outfit ideas for men part 2

Outfit Ideas For A Man With A Beard

Business casual outfit ideas for men part 2

What jacket to wear during colder seasons:

During the colder months of the year, you can even wear a cashmere jacket which is super warm but at the same time, really soft. When you have chosen a bolder jacket that makes a statement, you should tone down the pants and the shirt in your outfit simple, so the jacket can shine and its overall, harmonious. Try to pick up a color scheme in your shoes, go with simple chinos, or on the other hand, if you just have like a navy blazer or maybe with mother-of-pearl buttons or a windowpane pattern, you can combine it with some seersucker pants.

Business casual outfit idea, number 2: An interesting pair of pants

In an office environment, pants, trousers, or slacks can become monotonous very quickly. Between solid navy, gray, or charcoal, there is not much else. Every once in a while, you will see maybe a chino in a khaki tone or in the sand but that is about it. Corduroy pants look really good, especially in the winter. Ideal colors are brown, maybe caramel, or olive green. Corduroy is actually made in the exact same way as velvet with the exception that ridges are cut in and wider ridges make things look more casual, slimmer ridges are more formal.

What pants to wear during warmer seasons, number 1:

For the warmer months of the year, you can experiment a bit with colorful chinos that could be like a pale blue pair of chinos or if you are more daring, a pair of red chinos. You can also play with the texture and if you go with a linen pair of pants, you can choose a royal blue color which is darker and less flashy than a pale blue or red. The texture stands out and by choosing a blue that is two or three shades lighter in a typical business suit, you indicate that it is not at all the same garment and it is different from a business suit.