Top 3 Must-Have Shoes Every Man Should Own!

Top 3 Must-Have Shoes Every Man Should Own!

Top 3 Must-Have Shoes Every Man Should Own!

Researchers say, the first thing noticed in a person is his or her footwear. Though this thing seems very little but is capable of representing the inner side of your character. Just by having a suitable pair of shoes for your outfit can take you up high in the skies. To look far more Soutstanding from others, you need to have the following 3 shoes as a must-have on your shoe-rack. Let yourself shine in a stylish suit paired with perfect shoes.  I am sure you will absolutely look great!

Read a little below to know what these fancy shoes are.

1.    Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots look extraordinary when wears with denim jeans, a classy t-shirt, and a leather jacket. This simple pair is a complete package from going casual to being formal. You can have these shoes when going out on a regular basis and can use them with a suit for formal and official gatherings. When wear with the same color socks, so if it somehow peeks out of your jeans, it won’t look odd. Secondly, these boots can bring the naughty side of your personality out. If you know what I mean!

2.    Monk Strap Shoes

Well, there are two types of monk strap shoes, one is with two buckles that can surely be a basic element of your dressing and the other with one buckle for a classy and elegant impression. For casual wearing, you can put on oxford shoes, that comes under the same category, in brown or burgundy color as black won’t go with the theme. The black color monk strap shoes can definitely go wild with your grey outfit. For perfect appearance, wear them with pattern/dotted/striped socks.

3.    Sneakers

Similar to the above, sneakers are also of two types. One is very light-weight and provides good support to your feet, use for running or for workouts, called gym sneakers. Another kind of sneakers is also available for regular use. Such type of sneakers looks incredible with a polo shirt and jeans, and with chinos and long sleeves button up shirt. Choose the color wisely, but if you seek my advice, I must say white is ideal for almost every type of outfit.