Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code part 2

Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code

Beach Formal & Beach Wedding Dress Code part 2

You should never wear any sandals with a suit. It just does not go together. If you wear long pants, you could just take off your shoes, take off your socks and roll up the hems. That way it works with the beach wedding theme. Because it is warmer outside, some may want to skip the jacket and go maybe with a vest and matching pants instead. It is an awkward look and it is not really much cooler than if you wear a lightweight open weave jacket. Also, do not wear a suit jacket or a blazer with shorts. That is maybe a look that is originally from Bermuda and they wear it with over the calf socks. That just looks awkward and it draws too much attention to yourself, which is not the point.

Beach wedding dress code tip, number 3: Lightweight shirts

When it comes to shirts, cotton or linen are the best. Linen breathes a little more heavily but in any case, you want something with an open weave so you can really feel the breeze at the sea. You may be tempted to go with silk because it is often very lightweight and has a nice touch, but it is in fact quite insulating and it is better not to wear it.

Beach wedding dress code tip, number 4: Suit

If you want to wear a suit, go with something lighter colored maybe a seersucker suit or a lighter suit maybe in khaki or tan or you can go with a combination of let’s say seersucker pants and a lighter jacket. Lighter colors have the advantage because they reflect the sunlight and so you stay cooler. Skip navy or gray colors because they are simply out of place at the beach. Fun colors such as light greens are perfectly appropriate.