Hacks for skinny guys to look good part one

Hacks for skinny guys to look good part one

Hacks for skinny guys to look good part one

For skinnier guys, it is hard to find good fitting clothing. I think any skinny guy can take an advantage of this hacks, and if this sounds interesting, keep reading:

Hacks for skinny guys, number 1: Layer clothing

This is just common sense. The issue is that you are too skinny, and you want to look heavier so logic follows that you will need to add volume to your appearance and the fastest way to do that is by layering clothes like jackets, sweaters, shirts. These are all clothing that you can layer on top of each other to look thicker and you as a skinny guy, you have an advantage because you do not run the risk of looking like a snowman.

Hacks for skinny guys, number 2: Fitted sleeves

Always make sure that your sleeves are fitted, that is really important. Even if there is a slight hint of excess, your arm is going to look skinnier. This thing is important because it changes the size appearance of your arms.

Hacks for skinny guys, number 3: Wear lighter colors

Wear white, light gray or beige, because it will make you look heavier. This is the part of the psychology of color and how people perceive you differently depending on the colors that you wear. Versus you wearing darker colors like black or navy that are extra sleek and extra streamlined that will just make your overall frame appear thinner.

Hacks for skinny guys, number 4: Avoid huge accessories

Accessories are awesome to increase your style. If you are a skinny dude you have to make sure that your accessories are not too heavy, as it will contrast against your skinny frame and highlight it. So avoid wearing big faced watches, stacking bracelets or wearing big rings. You want to keep your accessories minimal and more proportional.