Whole-cut shoes or Balmoral Oxford shoes

Whole-cut shoes or Balmoral Oxford shoes

Whole-cut shoes or Balmoral Oxford shoes

Which dress shoe is more formal, whole-cuts or oxfords? These two shoes, well, each of them have a case for being the most formal of the dress shoes.

1. Whole-cut shoes

Simplicity is elegant, whole-cut shoes are the simplest of all the dress shoes when it comes to overall cut and design. The Whole-cut has become very popular in the last decade but what separates the Wholecut from all the other shoes out there is that it’s made from a single large piece of leather. They have got to actually choose very high-quality leather with no blemishes to be able to create a shoe like this. That is why it is going to cost more to manufacture because to get an unblemished piece is going to be something that is harder to find. The simplicity of the built is the key characteristic of the whole-cut.

2. Balmoral Oxford shoes

When you look in these, you are like okay, with the capped toe even this is going to be dressier than a whole-cut because it has tradition on its side. The Balmoral Oxford shoes have historically been the dress shoe of choice. The black Balmoral Oxford has been the go-to dress shoes for over a hundred years. Polish shoes up really nice, you can wear them with a black tie or you can wear them with a dark colored business suit.

So what is the answer, which shoe is dressier? Well, I am going to have to give the win to Balmoral Oxford. These shoes are great and it is all about tradition and when it comes down to it, over a hundred years of pedigree being worn again and again. This is why these shoes got the first place.