Stripes are the 2018’s Top Trend!

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Stripes are the 2018’s Top Trend!

The year 2018 is surely the year of fashion trend as many old clothing styles are again back in this year including the patterns. Stripes are among the coolest clothing article this summer. Everybody knows that stripes have always been a part of fashion trends and always look good with their enduring appearance.

Stripes have got some strong fashion symbols; you can wear it as a power suit or as a casual summer outfit. But, stripes are much more besides these. Though stripes are very common, many people don’t take them seriously and often degrade them that shouldn’t be done.

For the sake of stripes and their power, we have jumbled up a list of celebrities who look perfect in stripes. Hope you get some inspiration!

Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a. our very own Harry Potter shows us the way that how stripes can go great with anything. He chose to wear a blue suit with classic black and white striped t-shirt and brown color footwear. Isn’t it just wonderful? Since his Harry Potter days, Daniel has really grown up this far to slay n everything.

Okay, so that doesn’t mean you can wear stripes everywhere every time. You can adopt Harry Styles’s looks as he chose to wear striped jeans with a plain white t-shirt and brown shoes. He kind of look like a pop-rock and we are loving it.

Ryan Gosling is surely a man of red carpets as he always seems to kill the red carpet with his both casual and formal looks. He is just so perfect. Here, he is styling with a classic striped suit which looks more elusive than any of his other dresses. We are simply falling for him as he paired his suit with a crisp white shirt and a narrow back tie.

The thing you need to learn that horizontal stripes are different from the vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are favored by the short-height person as patterns can make a difference in your appearance so do the vertical stripes for short height. Horizontal stripes make you look broader, so for already a person having broader stature, you should say no to the horizontal stripes and should wear vertical stripes.

I hope, you have revived the sense of stripes in you.