“Peaky Blinders” Shows Why We Wouldn’t Mind The Revival Of 1920s Fashion

“Peaky Blinders” Shows Why We Wouldn’t Mind The Revival Of 1920s Fashion

“Peaky Blinders” Shows Why We Wouldn’t Mind The Revival Of 1920s Fashion

A universally loved show like Peaky Blinders does not need any introduction. For those who are still unaware of this BBC drama, you need to watch it right now! Peaky Blinders is a gangster drama set in 1920s Birmingham after the First World War about a notorious gang, named Peaky Blinders, which is led by their fierce but silent boss, Thomas Shelby, whose only wish is to move up in the world at any cost. The show first aired in 2013 on BBC Two and was received largely with positive reviews and critical acclaim for its writing, acting and visuals. Apart from those, one thing that is the most talked about Peaky Blinders is its costume design.

The way “Peaky Blinders” dress plays an important part in the show. Tommy Shelby (played by the extremely talented Cillian Murphy) and his gang have a uniform look that gives them a separate identity. The Peaky Blinders wardrobe mainly consists of oversized coats, flat caps, waistcoats, cropped trousers and sturdy boots. In addition to that, each member of the Peaky Blinders has a distinct hairstyle that makes them look even more charming. Let us show you why the revival of this look is not a bad idea.

For the outerwear, the gang uses long coats with wide lapels. There are many different colors and patterns out there right now, but you’ll be just fine with plain dark shades of charcoal and black.


While watching the show, another thing that catches our eye is the repeated use of stylish penny collar shirts by the Peaky Blinders. We recommend a white penny collar shirt. Button it all the way up to the neck to get that Shelby look, or leave a few of them unbuttoned for a less formal look—that doesn’t look bad either.

When someone mentions fashion from the 1920s, we are reminded of the classic suits and the unique trousers that were introduced at that time. In 1919, the trend of wearing wide legged trousers with tapered ends above the ankle became so popular that everyone started wearing them. The trousers were high waisted and sort of bagged over the hip. Later, in the mid 1920s, the trousers got down to ankle.

Looking at his short trousers in the show, Shelby seems to be a few years behind when it comes to fashion. He looks great nonetheless!

The Peaky Blinders look is completed with a pair of black or brown colored sturdy leather boots. The higher crop of the trousers gives the shoes a chance to shine.

One of the most essential elements of this look is the tweed flat cap. The Shelbys wear flat caps that tie the look together perfectly. The gang uses different accessories to embellish their unique look. Thomas Shelby uses a pocket watch and leaves its chain hanging on his waistcoat. On the other hand, Arthur Shelby, his brother, does it with a straightly folded pocket square and a bow-tie.