Different Kinds of Chinos

Different Kinds of Chinos

Different Kinds of Chinos

We cannot stress more upon the versatility of chinos. It has always been one of the best choices to make when you don't want to go with your average denim or jeans look. With chinos, there are a number of different kinds that you can choose from. You can either go casual, smart casual or even formal with just a little effort.

However, this versatility demands to be differentiated. We never say that one pair of chinos is good to rock all your formal, casual and smart casual events. There is obviously some difference between them and each of them are appropriate for a specific setting.

To make sure that you don't mix these different pairs together, we have come up with this easy guide about types of chinos for you.

Different Types of Chinos

When it comes to classification, chinos can be easily divided into three groups.

1. Casual Pair

The immediate difference would be in the feel and vibe of these pairs. You would feel these to be more relaxed and worn out than any usual pair of chinos and that is what makes it cool and versatile for casuals. The other visible and physical difference that you would be able to see is in the stitching that is visible on both the inner and outer side of the seams of the legs. They are usually low budget as they are made of much cheaper materials than the others. They sit low on the hips and are of simpler, softer and casual aesthetics.

Such chinos suits well with other more casual pairings like classic oxford shirt or casual t-shirts, bold printed or patterned shirts, hoodies and such. Just don't go for a formal shirt and tie or blazer and it would all be fine.

2. Workwear Pair

The first major difference is in the feel of the material. It is usually made from a much thicker material and its fit and cut are also different than any trousers or casual pair. Unlike trousers that are supposed to give men a fitted waist with a straight fitting line, chinos are a relaxed kind of clothing.

And it goes without saying that these obviously work well with all the other work wear articles like denim shirts, jackets or chambray shirts or checks etc. But you would not want to be the guy that pairs this lesser formal wear with formal stuff though; smart formals like polo shirts etc. may work well.

3. Smart/Dress Pair

You heard it right, there is a thing called smart chinos and no, it is not to be confused with trousers. It may resemble them but you can differentiate by looking at the stitching on both outer and inner seam that's kind of hidden. This features a much sharper look than your average pants.

Smart chinos are to be worn round tour waist just like you wear your suit trousers.

This kind of pair is something that we recommend as it goes well with multiple things even casual shirts, polos, and crew neck jumpers as well as all the smart casuals but, do not dress it down too much as that won't look fine.

Chinos are an expensive clothing article but if you choose wisely the color and material then you would be saved for many coming years.