How to Dress in Khaki Suits

How to Dress in Khaki Suits

How to Dress in Khaki Suits

We all know winters are a great time for showing off the best kind of layering and dark colored coats or woollen black suits. There is not much that you have to be worried about in winters other than keeping yourself warm by wearing all the warm colors and layering. But, what happens during summertime, when the sun is just too hot for you to be wearing a darker shade let alone suits. Well, we have a great alternative for that and that is khaki colored suits.

Yes, you heard it right. There are too much fake complications that people have associated with khaki suit or more specifically khaki color. To be clear, khaki is not just a safari color that looks cool while you travel to some sort of safari. It can be so much more if worn the right way.

In fact, khaki is the only color that has two different vibes going on depending upon how you choose to pair it. It can be preppy and casual or formal; however you want it to be.

So, here is a little something for you to start with.

What should you consider while buying a khaki suit?

So, criteria number one is obviously buying the right pair. While buying a khaki suit keep this in mind that there are different fabrics that are available. Usually cotton or linen is available as khaki is a summer color and so designers give it a good place in their collections for summer. However, wool blends can be easily seen as well.

As for the colors we suggest you go with a neutral color that is not too bright as something too bright in khaki shade may end up looking yellow and no one would want that.

If you are looking for casual wearing then you can go with unstructured suits.

What to pair with your khaki suit?

In summers especially, you would want to keep it light and breezy so dark colors are out of question, already. In lighter shades white and light blue is a safe option.

If you are feeling a little experimental then you can go with lilac gingham but only if there are other purple accessories present in your attire.

Accessories for Khaki suits

Accessorizing a khaki suit can be fun, too. With ties, you can go with green and purple but for a much safer option, you can always opt for blues.

As for the shoes be safe and wear a brown color or for a more color pop choose a navy blue pair. And what else can be better than a good pair of loafers in hit summers with khaki suits. However, lace-ups are a good option as well.

And do not forget to match your shoes and belt especially for a formal event.