When to wear crazy and bold socks, and how to match them


When it comes to men's formal dressing, it is the subtle little things that make huge differences and beware: they shouldn't be neglected at any cost. I am not talking about ties here as many may have thought. My topic of interest here is even smaller things like shoes and socks.

People especially our youth today have their own individuality and wants to dress rather uniquely and not formally. Wearing something that follows all the fashion rules have gone outdated and people have become confident in pulling off bold looks that have very little to do with any fashion rules. However, there always comes a time when these young adults have to follow the rules of formal fashion but even if they know the basics like which type of tie would go with which suit, they often are clueless when it comes to things like shoes and socks.

No matter how small these may seem but the choice either makes you look classy or it makes you look like a walking disaster and nobody really wants that.

So, if you are someone who is new to formal dressing or who don't really know how to work out or match these accessories for a formal setting, here are a few things for you to consider.

What should you do with your socks?

The first rule that you should always keep in mind while dressing formally is that your socks are supposed to be one shade darker or of the same shade. That being said just like any other fashion rules there are exceptions here as well and that is if you are going for brown, beige or tan trousers. In this case, make sure your socks are always one shade darker than your shoes. You can follow this rule if you are wearing olive or burgundy pants, as well.

Some simpler combinations are gray trousers and black socks, blue trousers and navy blue socks, etc.

When you are wearing a striped suit, however, make sure your socks are of the color of the stripe that is not dominant. For example: if you are wearing a blue suit with gray stripes on it then you should go for gray socks.

If you are opting for a patterned or striped sock then consider the color of your trousers and the base of the socks. Like, with blue trousers wear navy blue socks with thin white or black stripes on it.

What to do with your shoes?

Shoes are of even more important than the socks. Why? Because often times people aren't wearing a cuffed trouser. They are usually wearing long no break trouser which doesn't display their socks all the time except for the times that they sit; you can see their socks then only. But don't worry. These simple rules would be of great help to you.

In my opinion every man should have black and brown shoes as they go with many colors. For example, you can wear brown or black shoes with blue and gray trousers, black shoes with black trousers and brown shoes with brown trousers.

Here too, comes a difficult situation in the name of olive trousers. In such case, brown is the safest option but black works well too. Another color is burgundy.

It is already popular and apart from black and brown if there is another shoe color that every man should have in their closet is definitely burgundy. Personally, investing few bucks on a penny loafer isn't a bad deal either. It is safe and if you aren't using it for your formal wears then you can always wear them with your casual or smart casuals.

If you follow these few tips then it is hard that you mess up a formal look.