Man’s life hacks every gentleman should know part two

Man’s life hacks every gentleman should know part two

Man’s life hacks every gentleman should know part two

You can now use these tricks to always look good and to always be prepared:

Life hacks, number 6: Use your neck to see if pants fit you

All you do, is that you take the pair of pants by the waist, throw it around your neck and make sure that it touches at the end. If that is the case, the pair of pants should fit. Of course, you should always try on your pair of pants before you buy them and it only works if you are in hurry and you do not have time.

Life hacks, number 7: Use baby powder to remove oil stains

Let’s say that you've been eating a salad and you got an oil stain on your jacket, the best way to soak up the fat is to use baby powder. Do not rub into your fabric, because otherwise, it will not come out. The baby powder will absorb it and then you can either dry clean it or use some soap later on.

Life hacks, number 8: Stretch tight shoes in the freezer

If your finger is swelling or you simply have a pair of shoes that are too tight, take two-gallon bags, fill them with water, put them in your shoes and put your shoes in the freezer. As the ice expands, it will make your shoe bigger. Of course, you have to be careful because it can damage your shoe, so be cautious.

Life hacks, number 9: Use an iron straightener to iron your collar or other things

Especially when you are traveling and you do not have an iron, or in a hurry, you can simply heat up the iron and iron your shirt collar. Make sure to take out your plastic collar stays beforehand, or use a paperclip, otherwise, it might melt.