Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

We are not exaggerating when we say that Bradley Cooper wore the best and coolest brown suit this year to the red carpet. The American actor and filmmaker were seen to be wearing one of his best attires and we totally love it.

Bradley Cooper, the award-winning actor recently attended the premiere of 'A star is born' his latest movie. He was seen along with his co-star lady gaga at the Toronto International Film Festival 2018. However, what caught everyone's attention is his brown suit that had little Italian detailing which were not too out there but very subtle and this is what made it look so good on the 43 years old actor.

We are making hype out of it because it is not every day that you see someone wearing a brown suit the right way and slaying it. Well, to be fair brown is not a color that every man can pull off besides; wearing brown can be extremely risky if not taken care of the right pairing and accessories. Seeing Cooper wear it with so much class we can confidently say that it gives you old school vibe and can be as slick as a gray suit.

Bradley wore his chocolate brown suit without any kind of excessive accessories. He paired it his suit up with a plain white shirt, brown lace-ups, and a navy blue tie. The suit was incredibly of a perfect fit for Bradley and as we already stated before his suit had fat lapels and double stacked side pockets which give the suit Italian detailing.

And for the perfect finish look, he wore his IWC big pilot’s watch in the brown leather strap which was in perfect sync in case of color to his brown suit. We personally believe that a watch completes the look and that is what it did. It subtly enhanced his overall look giving his outfit a much complete feeling.

So, from Bradley Cooper we learned that if you stick to the basic rules you may also be able to rock a brown suit. He didn't go out of the way and perfectly conquered the brown suit look so it is pretty safe to follow his footsteps.