Basic Mistakes Men Make

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Basic Mistakes Men Make

Previously men's fashion was not something that was discussed as commonly as it is done today. I’m not saying there were no rules in men's dressing, there were. But, there was hardly any right guide for men to correct their mistakes. The fashion industry over the past few years has encouraged men a lot and has made it rather easier for men to choose from a wide variety or range of different clothing.

But here is the deal, even if all these exciting new clothing are made few men often make rookie mistakes especially those who have just set their foot in the fashion world or if they have just decided to improve their style or dressing.

So, before you delve deeper in the sea of sartorial fashion and various other looks here are some basic mistakes that you shouldn't make but you maybe do make. Take a look.

1. Oversized Suits

This one I am not very sure about but I see a lot of men wearing a size or two bigger suits then them. Back in the days out moms used to buy our clothes that were sizes bigger for us so that we could use them for a long time so maybe it has come from there. But believe me, this is the number one thing you should be leaving if you want to up your fashion game. You are not going to grow any longer maybe fatter but that depends so, invest in a well-fitted pair for yourself!

An oversized suit just looks sloppy and makes you look smaller. If you don't know tour perfect fit go to different outlets and try different fits or go to a good suit tailor to figure it out.

2. Bad Trouser Breaks

This is the second common mistake that men make. Wearing chinos is great but if the break is not right you end up looking like a midget from the military. So, make sure to visit your tailor and tell him to tailor your trouser and give it a small fold from the front of your trousers that reaches to the back of your shoe heel halfway.

3. Square Toe Shoes

Well, I am not saying that there was no clothing article that we associated before out of fashion but came back with a bang like turtlenecks, tweed trousers etc.

But, with square toe shoes, I’m quite confident that they do not look as fly as you may think and doesn't even give a good vibe.

4. Untucked Office Shirts

This is a mistake that absolutely no one should be making. Wearing an office shirt untucked with a pair of jeans is the worst thing to do, just don't do it.

Keep it simple, people.

5. Get Rid of Your Wallet Fat

So, this is rather a small thing but it makes a big difference the huge bulge in your trousers pocket doesn't look good and is a massive deal breaker even when you are in the proper kit. So throw away all your old receipts and other useless things for avoiding this.