Shoes You Can and Cannot Wear n a Suit

How To Style Loafers

Shoes You Can and Cannot Wear n a Suit

As the time and workplaces are gradually becoming flexible, you are gaining chances of ruining your amazing suit with the wrong kind of footwear. With multiple choices, come more disastrous decisions.

We will simply not believe you if you tell us you don’t even own a single suit as a man. We will instead wait till you come back with a nice suit hanging in your wardrobe. If you must insist that suits are not necessary in life, mark our words, you could be needing a suit desperately when you least expected it.


Whether you are a young man who is trying to walk out of the line or you are about to attend a nice wedding; even if you don’t plan on reaching out for a suit right, you eventually will fall for the charismatic aura of a suit. So, why not at least keep track of what footwear you can and cannot wear on a suit?



We will begin with the basics here. Everyone knows what loafers are and that is why we put them first in the list. They comfortably go with a suit and enhance your classy formal look. In fact, they are currently in fashion and everyone seems to be getting them.


You cannot wear black shoes on a brown suit or vice versa

In simplest terms, black and brown suits make you look a little extra formal and experienced; that is why you can not mess up by wearing a black footwear on a brown suit or a brown footwear on a black suit. However, you are free to choose either of the black, brown or burgundy with a navy blue suit.


Sneakers and Suits are a Big NO


We are even discussing this point here because some people are actually daring to pair up sneakers with suits. They call it a new trend but we call it a huge mistake for a formal environment. The only acceptable time to wear sneakers on a suit is when you have a costume party to attend.


Suede Shoes


This is one safe and smart option for your classic look. With suede shoes, you can mix trendy with formal and only something attractive will come out of your entire look. This one suit trend is something we are proud of and also thankful that no one tried to overdo this trend.