David Bowie An Inspiration For Music and Fashion

David Bowie An Inspiration For Music and Fashion

David Bowie was a man of many arts.

When a person is just so creative that sometimes it is hard for him to remain in just one mould this was exactly the case of David Bowie. He changed his music genre many times over the course of his time and left us with hit songs from every era. Bowie is known to tell stories through his music and he went full in. He created stories and characters that are still unforgettable. Just like David Bowie’s music career is full of variations his dressing was the second thing that he kept on changing. He experimented in the times where acceptance of things that weren’t traditional was yet to become normal among people. Everyone knows what I am talking about, his famous Ziggy stardust character which made people of that time wonder about his sexual orientation.

Bowie is an influencer he influenced his generation and the future generations through his music, art and gender-bending androgynous dressing, an inspirational singer who combined music, theatre and storytelling. Through his art people laughed, cried and were able to feel his emotions with him through music.

Bowie always admitted over the media that he always felt lonely and unfamiliar to the wold. He wasn’t able to relate to people and so, was an alien in this world. He created alter-egos like Major Tom and one of his most famous and iconic Ziggy Stardust, there are many more but Ziggy is the one that was all about breaking social norms of that time like homosexuality, cross dressing and simply being your own self. Ziggy Stardust was full of depth and other than breaking social norms it let people feel how Bowie always felt alienated. People rushed to see Ziggy when he got on stage for the first time everyone wanted to touch and see the eccentric character of Ziggy and through him they were able to liberate their inner eccentric self.

For Bowie this was the start of his true journey and he went on performing, cross dressing and inspiring the youth of all time from then on. Looking at the journey of his changing style in fashion and in music I couldn’t possibly choose one or two of his looks so here is a collection of Bowie’s unique style.

Bowie’s glamorous look from 1973.

And a classic from 1966.

From the times of his Duke character.

This is why Bowie is iconic. He can do rock anything be it music genre or dressing. The guy proved that he could dress up, dress down just as glamorously as he could dress over the top.

Everything about this is extra ordinary be it the pale yellow color or the non-traditional proportions.

He even knew how to look good in a tailored suit.

A stage worthy dressing undoubtedly. All that ruffles and that popping red color with his glasses looks so captivating.

Bowie rocking a yellow roll neck with a suit made just for him.

Bowie being an inspiration for men today to wear suit other than traditional black.

An influencer truly.

And lastly let’s appreciate the handsome Bowie in a floral long coat with long hem shirt for influencing generations after generation through his mixed art.