Moccasins and Loafers are Not the Same


The Classic History Of LoafersMoccasins and Loafers are Not the Same

Two very different but amazing inventions by the old fashion trends: loafers and moccasins. People usually mix them up as the same thing but they are just as different as tea is different from coffee.



A lot of people have trouble distinguishing the two but let us tell you, once you know the few brief differences they both have, you will be able to distinguish between loafers and moccasins quite instantly.


Both loafers and moccasins can be worn formally as well as casually, making this clear for us that both of them do serve the same purpose. The tea and coffee example can be considered here again, since a lot of people say that both coffee and tea also serve the same purpose. The difference in opinions, about loafers and moccasins, is more likely subjective.


Here are the few brief differences both of them have.


The material each is made up of

This is one major difference which is visible and important as well. Moccasins can be made up of suede or some other material of the sort but it’s quite different for loafers, they are always supposed to be made up of leather.


There still is no saying that it will continue to be this way. In the years to come, materials that are used to manufacture moccasins and loafers, could be changed according to the demands or trends.


The famous difference of laces

This difference is quite popular and most used by the people. It is also the easiest difference to spot while distinguishing between a moccasin and a loafer.


Moccasins can have functional laces that serve the right purpose of laces, whereas loafers do not come with any laces. As the trends evolve, you could also see moccasins having non-functional laces that only exist for certain decorative purposes. Instead of laces, loafers usually come with tassels.


Their heels differ

This difference is also very easy to find but again, it also depends on the trends that could take over.



Moccasins do not have a heel with their soles, they give your feet a flatter look and perhaps this is why people prefer loafers more on suits instead of moccasins. The heel gives the right look to the trouser length. A loafer’s heels are usually in the look of leather edges under the sole but you will also find many loafers with visible heels.