Fashion Disasters You Must Look out for

5 Men’s Fashion Myths Debunked

Fashion Disasters You Must Look out for

Any sane human being would not want to make a fool out of himself in front of anyone at all. Unfortunately, we live in an era where any incident can be recorded and go online at any possible moment. You could be leaving the house, dressed proudly, hoping it to be your best day and a single photo could be circulating around a while later, giving everyone, except you, the best laughs of their lives!



If rich people can’t feed people enough money in order to get an embarrassing photo or video erased from the internet then what are the chances for ordinary people like you and I? We will crying on two things in such a case,

  1. Upset about our great fashion sense that led us to this day

  2. Crying for not having enough money to fix things.


As fellow humans, we are here for you right now; but we can’t be sure of being there when the joke’s already been made. After a lot of people embarrassed themselves through their amazing fashion sense, we gathered a few tips to save the rest of mankind.


Extra skinny jeans for men


You don’t need to start panicking if you own a pair of normal skinny jeans as a guy; but we insist you to get up this instance if you own that extra skinny jeans which makes your skin come out. Such a piece of clothing is going to bring you nothing but pain, get rid of it.

There is Such A Thing as Too Much Pattern

You can’t give the excuse of a costume party everyday, can you? Yes, wearing too much pattern can potentially make you look that ridiculous. Matching your bow tie with your boots is another thing but matching your shirt, pants and bag as well in just one single pattern? Just imagining it would seem disturbing.


Saggy Pants Paired Up with Nameplate Belts - As If Saggy was Not Saggy Enough?

We can’t thank the fashion industry enough for saying goodbye to those saggy pants. No matter which new style you came up with in order to make saggy pants look acceptable; you should get one thing straight, for sane people, saggy pants never were, still are not and never will look acceptable.



Moreover, pairing them up with nameplate belts? If you’re just that bored, there are plenty of cool TV shows to keep yourself busy with.