Youth’s Fashion Icon Zayn Malik

Youth’s Fashion Icon Zayn Malik

Youth’s Fashion Icon Zayn Malik

Former boy band member of group one direction and now pursuing his solo career we are talking about Zayn Malik. The young singer is known as the style icon among the youth since he won the title for best dressed in GQ that too two times in a row 2017 and 2018 though he won it in the year 2013 as well. Zayn’s fashion style has always been experimental and he said it himself that his style he always had an individual style.

Especially the young youth sees him as their inspiration for styling and dressing. Watching him steal all the limelight on red carpet events and other occasions we can see that Zayn Malik is not shy to show off his individuality.

Zayn Malik has not failed to impress us and we always look forward to his unique styling. Here is a collection of some of his most stylish moments.

Zayn Malik wears suits with so much class that the true essence of it comes out. here he is wearing a black suit with waist coat of same color, white inner shirt and a textured tie finishing of his look with round rim glasses.

When you are Zayn Malik you just don’t roam around the wearing just anything. Even when he is not on any event, show or concert Zayn likes to dress up glamorously. Zayn is also known for wearing dark colors more than anything and he is often seen wearing shades of black and blue but that doesn’t stop im from experimenting with his looks.

He knows how to slay a roll neck attire by pairing it up with a long length coat, skinny jeans and black shoes. we also love the choice of color of this roll up inner.

Zayn really prefers black over anything and we can see that through his wardrobe but he knows how to make an all-black outfit look good. The key is to wear slight different shades so that the overall outfit pops out. Here his leather jacket is the key point of this outfit.


Zayn at Tom Ford NYFW show wearing this stunning all-black suit with a roll neck shirt underneath of same black color. This is one the best outfits he has ever worn.