Summer Suits Are a Thing!

Everyday wear suits? Wool suits!

Summer Suits Are a Thing!

Believe it or not, even today, there are many people present who don't know that summer suits are a thing. It is mind-blowing but true. Though we are not blaming them, suits are too much characterized by the winter’s warmth, and layering that it just the thought of wearing it in summer may make people sweat.

However, there is a whole different story going on with summer suits, the cuts are different and casual, the fabric is light in short, it is made for summers and perfectly fits the weather.

Over the past many years the population of men who go to their workplace wearing a suit has lessened though, the fashion shows and catwalks have made suits something very casual and light and we are so not complaining. Basically, now, you can wear a suit with almost anything be it trainers, button-ups or even t-shirts. A major role is of patterns. So here are the suits that you should have this summer.


One of the versatile patterns that looks good on many things. Especially if you are wearing casuals like a t-shirt and slip on these check trousers look really fine with this look. However, slightly cropped ones with slim fit looks the best. You can also wear wide leg trousers with one of your high tops.


There is just too much fake stigma around stripes but after the past couple of years, they have successfully made their way out from only the banker's closet to normal common people. Pinstripes are especially popular in the high street fashion but others are equally popular, too. As for the materials go with the soft linen that may or may not crumble as the day goes by or something mixed with silk which .would look superb as you go out in the sun.



This one is a surprising one yet it is the most good looking one as well. All you have to do is not to follow the rule where double-breasted suits are always to be buttoned up. Recently people, fashion shows and street fashion, everyone is leaning more towards the loose summer vibe. You can wear a logo t-shirt and or tie a jumper around your waist. For the trousers, you can wear light wash straight jeans.

Very comfortable and weekend outing appropriate, this summer.