Summer Wedding Jacket Hack

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Summer Wedding Jacket Hack

Summer weddings are amazing to attend. They are so much fun and you can dance all you want to but only if you are not sweating like crazy. Summers are all fun and games, until all the sweating is not coming in the way of you having fun.

We can relate with the struggles of wearing the one and only, year round suit to a summer wedding but what if we tell you that there are a number of different and lighter fabrics available for you to try for summer weddings which would not ruin your mood and celebration.

Summer is a time that everyone should be enjoying especially if you are in a wedding. Being careful and afraid of pitting out is just not the thing you should be doing. For avoiding such situation all you have to do is get yourself the right jacket.

Yes, you heard it. The right fabric for your jacket will do wonders for you. Some of these fabrics that are commonly used include chambray, cotton, seersucker, etc. they are all summer friendly and breathable fabrics that would allow you to enjoy the fun. There is also summer friendly wool available, too. So here are some advices for you to look smart but also remain cool.

Subtly Sharp Look

This was also the summer’s biggest trend, mostly because of its lightweight. Chambray is made up of light weight cotton but it has a depth to it. It sure gives you the sharp look that you want for the wedding but it is also laid back and casual.

Chambray is the deal for you if you are looking for a rather understated but smart look for wedding. You can pair it up with a solid shirt or a textured shirt, no break tailored pants would go best also make sure it is not too long and is barely touching your shoes and finish it off with a pair of loafers.


If you are looking for something a little more casual then you should choose seersucker. It is the lightest fabric and extremely casual in suits. You can rock this suit especially in an outdoor wedding. Rather than choosing traditional stripes you can go with the olive shade. If the wedding is a casual one then don’t bother for a tie pair it up with a button up or a polo, even. Finish off your look with strap watch along with a pair of white leather sneakers.

Summer colors

So, basically colors play a very important role when it comes to any type of clothing. However, it is even more important in summer to look out for what color you are wearing. A recommended shade is obviously the tan color. With a tan suit you can pair up a solid shirt as well as textured shirt if you want your look to be interesting.