Man’s life hacks every gentleman should know part one

Man’s life hacks every gentleman should know part one

Man’s life hacks every gentleman should know part one

A man's life is pretty complicated because usually, men do harder jobs. So here are some lifehacks that will make your life easier:

Life hacks, number 1: Use Windex to clean your patent leather shoes

Let’s say you travel for a black tie or white tie event and your patent leather shoe gets scuffed up, this is ideal. Simply spray some Windex onto your shoe, take a piece of cotton, a paper towel or a towel, and simply rub it. Because of the mirror finish of the leather, you will get a nice shine and you will remove any scuffs.

Life hacks, number 2: Tie your shoe laces so they never come undone

Basically, you want your knot to be horizontal so whenever you walk, your knot becomes tighter and not looser.

Life hacks, number 3: Use ice cubes to get wrinkles out of dress shirts

Put your dryer on high, throw in your shirt along with a handful of ice cubes. The steam that is generated from the ice cubes will release the wrinkles and you will get a shirt that’s basically wrinkle-free. It is much better than putting it in plain water because that will just leave puddles on your shirt.

Life hacks, number 4: Keep your shirt collar stuff with a belt while traveling

First, you roll up your belt to the side of your shirt collar. Then you simply insert it into the shirt collar, to fit snuggly against the collar, and then pack it. When you arrive your collar will be in a nice shape and ready to wear.

Life hacks, number 5: Open your wine with a shoelaces

If you are in a situation without a bottle opener, you always have shoelaces. Tie a knot in the shoelace just once, make sure it is thick enough, then take a pointy object just a file or a knife, put it in a knot and then shove it through the cork into the bottle. Once it is at the bottom and it’s come out, you just take shoelace and pull out the cork.